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H.S. Automotive and Dyno Shop is Omaha’s premier performance facility. We provide expert auto-tuning service and customization for your car, truck, off-road vehicle, or hot rod. , we will get the job done, right the first time.

We stay on top of new technologies—like automotive performance, fuel injection tuning and installation technology advances—and will expertly perform services on all vehicles, from the newest late-model vehicles to vintage vehicles. Whatever kind of vehicle you own, we can keep it running at its best. Read more...

Our reputation and commitment to quality work keeps our customers coming back.

We pride ourselves on our old-fashioned values of personal service, expert workmanship, and a commitment to quality. H.S. Automotive and Dyno Shop is locally owned and operated. We want to increase your vehicle’s performance and efficiency. Stop by today to learn more about dynamometer testing and tuning.

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Call us for an appointment at (402) 895-8863, or stop in and see us to learn how we can custmoize your vehicle! Let us help you love your vehicle even more.

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